Challenge Eight

Chellenge Eight: My favorites! ((This will be updated slowly))

I’ve got WAY too many favorites! But I guess I can list ten of them.    (Karkat Vantas by Life-Writer via Deviant Art)

1. Karkat Vantas! I absolutely love everything about Mr Vantas! You name it, I love it. I like the fact that he can turn even the most meaningful advice into what seems like a random insult. While it’s rude, the insults he comes up with can be hilarious! I think the way he responds to situations is quite fitting. Although I do ship him with Sollux, I’d definitely steal him for myself ;33 It’s just really hard to explain why I love him so much <33

(The Sufferer and Suffering by Kayotics via Deviant Art)

2.The Vantas family. Yes, Karkat is in the Vantas family, but Kankri and the Sufferer deserve love too! They go through so much and they have such unique personalities. To start, Kankri always seems to be talking about whatever. And if it’s one of his non-stop rants, you know it’s about triggers. It’s amazing how much he can talk and he really just needs someone who will listen to him. As for the Sufferer, I think he’s an amazing character who didnt deserve what he got. Standing against what the high bloods believe shouldnt be a sin. Low bloods deserve much more respect and have the right to defend their colors! Candy red, rust red, mustard yellow, dented orange, olive green, and jade green bloods shouldnt be mistreated because theyre lower than those such as blue, purple, and pink bloods. Her Surperior Condense was and is wrong to go against low bloods. To take advantage of them is horrible. This is where the Signless(AKA the Sufferer) comes in. He begins a “march” to end the mistreatment of the low bloods. To stand against high bloods is a difficult thing. And for him to stand there in protest with all courage is amazing! Though he was killed for his actions and named The Signless, he will always be remembered by those who truly cared for what he’s done. As for Kankri, it’s hilarious to see him rant! He can rant about anything and will rant for hours upon hours!! It’s also pretty cute how he’s always shouting “Trigger Warning”!



3. Hoof beasts. Okay, while I freaking love hoof beasts, I love Equius just the same. I mean, hoof beasts are just so elegant and marvelous .3. They can be so many adorable shades and can be silky or puffy or- or yeah! Welp, as for Equius, he has a fondness for hoof beasts as well, so yay! This also means he likes My Little Pony which makes him a Brony!! And eeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! That’s adorabloodthirsty!! His talent with robotics is facsinating as well. I like how gentle he is with his moirail (best friend) Nepeta. He respects her even if he, being a blue blood, and her, being an olive blood, have many differences. While he is too STRONG to hug her and hold her hand and pretty much just touch her, he is there for her through thick and thin. He would defend her with his life. I wish I had a moirail as loyal as Equius.


(Spirit Tracks: Byrne by ElizaLento, via Deviant Art)

4. The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda has been and still are my absolute favorite games! The characters are always so interesting and have truly in depth stories. The characters from the more realistic type animated games that I like would be Epona and Midna. Best part is, both of ’em are in Twilight Princess, which I own! Although I love the original games for the Nintendo and such, I definitely have a deep love and interest for the games Phantom of The Hourglass and Spirit Tracks. As much as characters such as Navi and Linebeck are on my list on favorites, I absolutely adore Byrne. He seems like such a bad guy at first. Click! I fell in love with his character then. It just got worse as the story went on. As he became a good guy and even helped Link, it was easy to see Byrne was, and still is, my favorite Zelda character!


5. Enchanted

It’s a movie and I love it! Although all the characters have their own place in my heart, Giselle is my absolute favorite~ I mean, c’mon! Who doesnt love the curious type? Confused about her surroundings, she’s oblivious to what’s truly going on with the Prince and Pip! Her voice is amazing too~ And her motives for singing are top-notch! She’s just a lovable character!!


(Animal Crossing by Prince-Orange, via Deviant Art)

6. Animal Crossing

This game is just asdfghjkl. It has no real end, so you can play forever and ever!! Your customizable character is just brilliant idea~ It’s crazy to know just how addicting this game can get! And the number of players that despise Tom Nook TwT Yeaaaaahhh, welp, haters gonna hate I guess *le shrug*


( FURRIES At the Disco by haillexi, via DeviantArt)

7. Panic! At the Disco

Their music is amazing. I could listen to songs such as The Ballad of the Mona Lisa or C’mon (Yes. That, my friend, is a Homestuck link. I prefer to see this than some other lyric video. Deal.) all day <33  I don’t really care for the more popular peoples like Justin Bieber or One Direction because I feel they get more credit than they deserve, while Panic! At The Disco doesnt get enough respect for their works. I would DEFINITELY recommend any piece by them to anyone.

( shipping wall by thiefofstarz, via DeviantArt)

( Nepeta Leijon :33 by Maruta-chan6, via DeviantArt)

( Nepeta: Be adorable by xTakimax, via DeviantArt)

8. Roleplaying

I absolutely LOVE to roleplay!! I don’t really care what type of roleplay it is, I will roleplay. As long as it’s something along my line of interest. I’ve roleplayed in quite a few places and have grown even more fond of it since I’ve begun reading Homestuck and met the cutie up above. Nepeta Leijon. She has a knack for roleplaying as well and even does it just to cheer her friends up. I like to roleplay in places such as TrollPlay or even on FaceBook with my friends. In fact, I love roleplaying so much that I’ve brought the joy of it to my friends in school! We carry around notebooks in which we will roleplay and pass to each other as we walk down the hallways. I usually try to really get into character when I ropleplay and it evens urks me when someone makes a character OOC (Out Of Character). I do , however, accept OOC sometimes such as when I find a character to be more attractive as OOC than being original. It doesnt happen much though. The characters I really get in touch with would be just about any Homestuck character. My heart just pours right into perfecting my roleplay tactics. More than often you can find me snuggling into a chair, typing away to someone just to roleplay.

( equius and nepeta by HaggyLagman, via DeviantArt)       ( solkat by mizz-ninja, via DeviantArt)                        ( Rosemary by xidex14, via DeviantArt)

9.  Romance

I might not seem like the person to like this kind of stuff, but I am. I love watching movies that include romance, I like reading romantic books, I love seeing romantic doodles. It might seem awkward, but truly, I think it’s all adorable. I especially love calling the couple a “ship”. Much like Nepeta, who also calls a a couple a “ship”, I ship many people. Maybe not real people, but ships such as SolKat (Sollux x Karkat), Eqpeta (Equius x Nepeta), and RoseMary (Rose x Kanaya) are all along the lines of my favorites. Heck, I think I’ll even make a post about my favorite ships after this!! Although some people think Im crazy and stupid for supporting ships like SolKat, I dont care what they think. I accept that they have their own opinions and I have mine. Besides the fact of liking ships, I also enjoy romance in real life. In fact, when I think of something cutesy, I imagine how that would play out in real life with myself and another. I’ll even go through the embarassment to ask the person what they’d do sometimes. Overall, I enjoy just about anything with romance.



10. Fanfictions

Don’t get me wrong, these things can be really disturbing and sick-minded or even adorable and bubbly. Either way, I love them. Dont like that? Too bad, you arent me. Now, I’ve read about a million different fan fictions. All of them have had such amazing plots, it makes it hard to stop reading and sometimes, you cant help but demand more. I know that in all my time reading, Ive definitely requested more and even gave suggestions on how to continue some. I love helping a writer out by giving suggestions, or even just being their Beta. Personally, I have no Beta. I need one, yes, but sadly, dont have one. On the topic of that, I didnt mention that Ive been working on my own fan fictions! Now that you know, I can put it out there that I have a really horrible fan fiction up on my DeviantArt, which you can find here. It was my first one ever and I do plan on revising it into something much more. After that one, my career as a fiction writer has gone up. I began to write more from that fan fiction and then went on to new characters. I had started out with Dave from  Homestuck and progressed to Eridan, eventually making my way to a Tavros one. None of these are any good when I look at them. The Dave one was my first, so it was a hunk of garbage. With the Eridan one being (partially smut) my second story and very first smut type of writing, it didnt go very well either. Next I decided to try some fluff with Tavros which I discontinued, but plan to finish. Since then Ive started two Karkat fictions and tried my hand at it again. Realizing these were somewhat better, I continued.

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  1. G’day,
    Now I know you LOVE anime, but in this post about your favourites could you include some other things as well?

    PS I have learnt a lot about anime just reading your posts. Well done.

    • Wow! I didnt think I had such an influence on others. Back to the topic, yes, I can and will add things besides anime. I was actually planning on including other things as well.

  2. I ended up at your blog for challenge 9, and I love your blog!!! I love the Legend of Zelda!! My favorite games are the Twilight Princess and the Ocarina of Time!!! I also love Midna, but Link is my favorite. He is very entertaining to watch. In the Wind Waker, whenever he goes somewhere new, he usually gets hit in the face with something! Its soo funny! I love your background too! You should check out my blog at Check it out and be sure to comment! Its no fun if you don’t comment!

    • Oh yush! Any LoZ game is awesome!! And what animes have you seen before >:? Ive seen quite a few~ Of course Im going to check out your blog!!

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