Blogging Challenge 3

Challenge Three:

Weeelllllll, if you were me, I have a few ideas on what to do with a holy sock 🙂

1. Cut and sew it into a jacket for my fabulous Liv Tyler bunny <33

2. Make it into a fashionable scarf for my cat ;33

3. Use it along with other scraps of cloth to create a picture of a paraplegic *cough*Tavros*cough*

4. Realize that it CANT be a holy sock because Im not going to heaven! I already sold my soul to Hussie X3

5. Captchalogue it into my Sylladex with many other items to test my skills using my Memory! modus

6. Force my sister to use it for sockkind. Hope she likes using socks for weapons :DD

7. It has now been patched up, strung up a small flag pole, and considered the flag of TurkeyLand ^w^

8. Use it as a defense against my evil cat >.>

9. Use it in a BRAND NEW OC character cosplay! Be creative!!

10. Design it yourself by patching it up with snazzy colors. Wear it out in public to look cool and ironic as ever B)

((A lot of them are Homestuck references, but whatever! Dont like it, dont read mah posts XP AND Liv Tyler is my faboo bunny stuffed animal <33 She means the world to me and if you get the refernce…. DO NOT START CALLING ME WINDY BOY  >:U Nah, thatd be a cute nickname~ Just… Put. The. Bunny. Back. In. The. Box.))

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