Challenge Two

Challenge Two:

((I strongly suggest Homestuck haters go away from this post. Haters gonna hate, but ya know I cant do much about that. *le shrug* Here’s what my motivation was: ))It was a busy day in the lair up in the Veil. Karkat had left for just about ten minutes and the others had thrown a party?! Karkat was angered by this as his cheeks were as red a his blood. But wait, no one would have known what color his blood was. The point was, Karkat was ticked off. He stomped towards his fellow troll, Terezi. As he did his black sneakers squeaked against the metallic flooring. The blind troll turned to him allowing her red glasses to be seen, “Karkles! I didnt think Eridan could manage it, but in ten minutes he got this whole thing started! So just enjoy it, Karkles.” “Stop calling me that! And I am NOT okay with this stupid  party! Who does Eridan think he is?!” Karkat sighed, “Okay, Okay.. Karkat, calm down. It’s just a party. Enjoy yourself. We dont have many, so it’s fine.” “Why are you talking to yourself, Karkitty?” another female troll who was a little shorter than than Karkat stood in front of him. “Dont call me by that pet name, Nepeta! And Its called reassuring myself!” “You don’t always have to yell, Karkitty. In fact, Id purrfur you stop yelling so much,” she giggled at her silly cat joke as her tail lashed around behind her. “I dont care what you prefer!” he  crossed his arms and frowned. Nepeta’s eyes narrowed as she took a step back, ” AC backs away slowly as Karkitty is anfurred slightly more. AC would hate to start a fight with purr furrend, Karkitty, ‘Mewl with you lafurr’ she calls to her furrend.” With that, Nepeta creeped her way back into the crowd. Karkat had always found her roleplaying to be annoying, but somehow Nep always managed to get him to roleplay with her. He continued to wander around the two room lair until he bumped into someone. “Woah! Watch where youre going!” Karkat screamed as he turned around to face his victim. “Im going t-” he didnt continue his sentence. He couldnt. He would never yell at Aradia. Correction, he would never yell at Aradiabot. Why bother? She’s just a robot bound to blow up sometime. A sigh escaped his lips as he swerved around Aradiabot. “How much longer will the session last? I want to ditch them all..” “Ditch who, Kk?” spit was drabbled on Karkat’s face as he was face to face with Sollux. “You and the other trolls.” “Why uth? I thought you liked uth, Kk,” Karkat thought Sol’s lisp was aggravating. “I do, but I dont like being around all eleven of you constantly!” “You arent alwayth around eleven of uth conthtantly. Only thome of the time,” saliva was everywhere. The fact that Sollux had double of everything- including tongues- wasnt helping anything. “You know what I mean, Captor!!” A grin spread across Sollux’s grey skinned face, “Tho youre thaying you hate thome of uth, but not all?” “That’s not what Im saying!! Im saying I dont like being around you guys so much!!” Karkat’s nose scrunched up. “Stop bugging me!!” “You arent acthually doing anything, Kk…,” Sollux rolled his multi-colored eyes at his friend. “What do you mean?! I was doing whatever I wanted!! That is until YOU began pestering me!!” Sollux let out a chuckle which caused his glasses to droop slightly. “Kk, you do make my day thlightly better,” he pushed his blue and red 3D glasses up. Karkat let out another sigh as he noted that Sol’s eyes matched the glasses lenses. Wait- he had known that before, so why did he realize it now? “Kk..? Kk!” ‘Huh?!” “I athked you a quethtion.” “Oh, well, repeat it!” he seemed a little more enthusiastic about it.


You had been asking Kk the same question for about two minutes and then began repeating the little nickname you gave him, “Kk…? Kk!” Karkat’s head jolted to the side as he blinked a few times, “Huh?!” You mentally facepalmed at his ignorance, “I athked you a quethtion.” “Oh, well, repeat it!” Karkat seemed to be happier…? No, not possible. Karkat was NEVER happy. Never. So he couldnt be now. “Whatth going on in that thupid think pan of yourth?” you repeated as you crossed your arms over your black short sleeved shirt that had the Gemini symbol on it. “What do you mean ‘Whats going on in that stupid think pan of yours?’?! My think pan is 100 percent clear of stupid thoughts!” That was a lie. You knew Karkat was thinking of something dumb right then. Probably how hed mess with the human John next. Or maybe… Nah. Karkat didnt roll like that. Or did he? Your eyebrow was raised as you pondered what he had been thinking.


((Maybe I’ll continue this. Maybe not…. Who am I kidding?! Im SO going to continue during my free time! I hope you peoples enjoy this! Im not too great with some of the characters, but I hope I did good enough.. If not, who cares? Its my story so I played ’em the way I think of  ’em! Homestuck and the characters belong to Andrew Hussie and this plot belongs to me!))

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