Havent been in a very good mood, but I wont dump that garbage off here.

ANYWHOOOOOO. I realized I havent posted in while .3. New post acquired!

I think Im just gonna post some videos I like :T ((Seriously though, some of these.. Not school appropriate, what with guns and swearing, so I can put a “NSFS” next it  NSFS = Not Safe For School. And if school wants to complain, I DID put warnings next to them, so I cant really get in trouble.. NO. IM NOT A FREAKING CREEPER AND POSTING THAT KIND OF STUFF. THESE VIDEOS WOULDNT BE SCHOOL SAFE BECAUSE THE EITHER HAVE SWEARING OR VIOLENCE. NOT that. Thank you~))

A lot (If not all) will be Homestuck, but a lot of the music with some is good <33

[HS] Nothing Left To Say – Imagine Dragons

Homestuck – Amsterdam

Caught Like A Fly – Homestuck NSFS


[S] Ancestors: What’s Going On

Eridan’s United States of Wwhatevver

Like A Huss NSFS

When Im STRONG ((Ive seen.. quite a few of these))

When Im a Paraplegic

When Im Honking

When Im Leading NSFS ((Told You.))

Wwhen Im Seadwwellin’

When Im Optiic Bla2tiing NSFS ((Done with thoseeeee))

EVERYBODY NSFS cuz guns..?

Homestuck – Blue Lips FEELS WARNING.

[S] Discord ((Love it, love it, love it!))

The Condescension Song NSFS cuz another gun TwT

[Homestuck] Kill The Lights Eh.. Guess it could be NSFS beause of all the blood..

Homestuck – How Far We’ve Come

[Broadway Karkat & D-Strides]Cooler Than Me – Lyrics NSFS

Broadway Karkat 1 Hour Mix ((My life is complete)) NSFS

Karkalicious NSFS

The Twelve Trolls of Christmas NSFS

[Homestuck] Hallelujah NSFS – Blood AND feels warning.

Youre Gonna Go Far Kid [Homestuck] NSFS

[Homestuck] Shots NSFS

Karkat Gristmas Songs NSFS

Schoolstuck NSFS ((Seems like any video with Karkat in it is NSFS))

Amusement Parkstuck NSFS

Platoonstuck NSFS

Retailstuck NSFS

Restaurantstuck NSFS

Hotel Fruity Rumpus NSFS

Magic Cupcakes NSFS

Welcome to Prospit

Thats Your Horoscope For Today NSFS

[Homestuck] Volatile Times NSFS – Blood

[Homestuck] Let’s Kill Tonight

Homestuck – Triple Baka

Homestuck: Bed iintruders NSFS

Glub-a-Glub NSFS

Broadway!Karkat&Nepeta: Thats How You Know ((Should be safe for school. If not, REALLY SORRY!!))

Eridan’s Theme

Broadway Karkat ~Make a Troll out of you NSFS

[Broadway Karkat] Wont Say Im Flushed NSFS

[Broadway John] John Egbert ((Should be safe for school.. sorry if not DX))

[Broadway Roxy] Rufio, Dont Call the Cops NSFS

[Broadway Roxy] Drinkin’ it Down NSFS

[Sollux Captor] mate2priit [Shiroko] REALLY NSFS

[Broadway Karkat] MARTYR c9mplex Kinda NSFS and FEEEEEEELLLLSSSSSS

[The Condesce] Poor Alternian Trolls ((It should SFW sorry if not))

[Broadway Nepeta] Insanity NSFS AND FEELS

[Broadway Karkat] Hey there, Harley NSFS

[Broadway Karkat] Love Me Drowned NSFS

[Broadway Karkat] Horns over Heels ((Wow! A song where Karkat DOESNT swear!))

[Feferi & Eridan] Tough to Be On Top

[Broadway Vriska] Bluh Bluh Bluh NSFS

[Broadway Karkat] Love Is Blind, Terezi NSFW

[Broadway Karkat] [S] Karkat: Be A Fanboy NSFS

[Off Broadway Aradia] Fade Into the Dark Feels warning.

[Homestuck Fandom] Would you Like To Talk About Homestuck? NSFS

[Rose & Kanaya] Sexy Kan I NSFS

[Broadway Karkat] Stride Be Mine [VinnieMix] NSFS

[Off Broadway Aradia] Love Me Dead NSFS

Today’s Plans NSFS

Tallcircle Town Meltdown NSFS

John Wants a Flass Of Malk NSFS

[S] John: Sing about Broken Glass

Horsing Around NSFS

Don’t Read A Webcomic Called Homestuck DEFINITELY NOT SAFE FOR SCHOOL.

Challenge Ten

Challenge Ten: The End.

Challenge ten is about reviewing my own blog and having a friend review it as well.

How many posts did you write?

I have sixteen total! Including this one, seventeen.

How many were school based, your own interests or set by the challenge?

I have ten school related posts, about seven of them include my interests, and ten of them were set by the challenges.

How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers or overseas students?

I have three comments from fellow classmates. Two of them by my best friend, Tori, and the other being Mason, the boy who sits next to me in Tech class ;P I have had two teachers comment on my posts; One being Mrs. Anderson and the other being, none other than, Miss W!  As for oversea students, I have a total of eight comments!

Which post received the most comments? Why do you think that happened?

Challenge Eight is the post that got the most comments. I think it has more comments than other posts because it shows a variety of my interests, not just one. It shows the true me~

Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why?

I enjoyed writing Challenge Eight and my “Up In The Veil” posts! I enjoy Challenge Eight because it allowed me to show the true me and expose my secrets to the world without feeling dumb. I enjoy my “Up In the Veil” posts because this is a great way for me to practice my fan fictions and it’s one way to get more people to read Homestuck!!

Did you change blog themes at all and why?

Ive changed it once and have not changed it since. I love the anarchy theme and all the others just kinda burn my eyes and dont really explain me.

How many widgets do you have? Do you think this is too many or not enough?

I have 20 widgets I could use, but I am currently using 11 of them. I think this is WAY too many because when I look at them, it’s just like.. “Ew. They’re taking up all that space  and even look stupid..”

How many overseas students do you have on your blogroll?

Two because as much as this makes me look mean, I dont really like putting overseas blogs on my blogroll. I enjoy keeping it simple and puttin’ my friends on it and that’s it.

I had my sister answer some questions! I didnt tell her that this was my blog though ;P

What were your first impressions of this blog?

“Is this your blog” “Noooooope!” “Is it Dane’s?” “Caitlyn, what else do you notice?” “It’s got Homestuck! And Sollux~ And Tavvy and Gamzee!!” “Yes. Yes it does.”

What captured your attention?

“The Homestuck Background!”

What distracted you on the blog?

“It’s hard to read the posts when I get distracted by the background.”

What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog?

“Add more My Little Pony! You love that.” This… Is true! Im a Pegasister, but I didnt think she’d say that X3

Challenge Nine

Challenge Nine: A Game!!!

Challenge Numbah Nine is all about a game. In this particular game, I had to click on a few different blogs in order to reach the blog I will be finding a post to comment on. So, let’s get started!

The first blog I visited was Nathan’s! On his blog, I saw his post about ten people he’d like to meet and noticed it had something to do with Doctor Who. Now, Im not one to keep up with Doctor Who, but I love the show! I love to see a fellow Whovian~

The second blog I visited was Morgan’s! On her blog, I found a post about blogging. I had read it and saw she enjoys blogging just as much as I do and even has several blogs!! Of course Im going to mention Morgan here if we share a common interest!

The third blog I visted was Aaron’s! On his blog, I caught a glimpse of his post about stress. I may not seem like it, but I’m stressed almost all the time, so of course I was going to check it out. Aaron said he relieves stress by playing games such as Minecraft and Skyrim. I said that Im a newb when it comes to those games, but Im getting there!!

Challenge Eight

Chellenge Eight: My favorites! ((This will be updated slowly))

I’ve got WAY too many favorites! But I guess I can list ten of them.    (Karkat Vantas by Life-Writer via Deviant Art)

1. Karkat Vantas! I absolutely love everything about Mr Vantas! You name it, I love it. I like the fact that he can turn even the most meaningful advice into what seems like a random insult. While it’s rude, the insults he comes up with can be hilarious! I think the way he responds to situations is quite fitting. Although I do ship him with Sollux, I’d definitely steal him for myself ;33 It’s just really hard to explain why I love him so much <33

(The Sufferer and Suffering by Kayotics via Deviant Art)

2.The Vantas family. Yes, Karkat is in the Vantas family, but Kankri and the Sufferer deserve love too! They go through so much and they have such unique personalities. To start, Kankri always seems to be talking about whatever. And if it’s one of his non-stop rants, you know it’s about triggers. It’s amazing how much he can talk and he really just needs someone who will listen to him. As for the Sufferer, I think he’s an amazing character who didnt deserve what he got. Standing against what the high bloods believe shouldnt be a sin. Low bloods deserve much more respect and have the right to defend their colors! Candy red, rust red, mustard yellow, dented orange, olive green, and jade green bloods shouldnt be mistreated because theyre lower than those such as blue, purple, and pink bloods. Her Surperior Condense was and is wrong to go against low bloods. To take advantage of them is horrible. This is where the Signless(AKA the Sufferer) comes in. He begins a “march” to end the mistreatment of the low bloods. To stand against high bloods is a difficult thing. And for him to stand there in protest with all courage is amazing! Though he was killed for his actions and named The Signless, he will always be remembered by those who truly cared for what he’s done. As for Kankri, it’s hilarious to see him rant! He can rant about anything and will rant for hours upon hours!! It’s also pretty cute how he’s always shouting “Trigger Warning”!



3. Hoof beasts. Okay, while I freaking love hoof beasts, I love Equius just the same. I mean, hoof beasts are just so elegant and marvelous .3. They can be so many adorable shades and can be silky or puffy or- or yeah! Welp, as for Equius, he has a fondness for hoof beasts as well, so yay! This also means he likes My Little Pony which makes him a Brony!! And eeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! That’s adorabloodthirsty!! His talent with robotics is facsinating as well. I like how gentle he is with his moirail (best friend) Nepeta. He respects her even if he, being a blue blood, and her, being an olive blood, have many differences. While he is too STRONG to hug her and hold her hand and pretty much just touch her, he is there for her through thick and thin. He would defend her with his life. I wish I had a moirail as loyal as Equius.


(Spirit Tracks: Byrne by ElizaLento, via Deviant Art)

4. The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda has been and still are my absolute favorite games! The characters are always so interesting and have truly in depth stories. The characters from the more realistic type animated games that I like would be Epona and Midna. Best part is, both of ’em are in Twilight Princess, which I own! Although I love the original games for the Nintendo and such, I definitely have a deep love and interest for the games Phantom of The Hourglass and Spirit Tracks. As much as characters such as Navi and Linebeck are on my list on favorites, I absolutely adore Byrne. He seems like such a bad guy at first. Click! I fell in love with his character then. It just got worse as the story went on. As he became a good guy and even helped Link, it was easy to see Byrne was, and still is, my favorite Zelda character!


5. Enchanted

It’s a movie and I love it! Although all the characters have their own place in my heart, Giselle is my absolute favorite~ I mean, c’mon! Who doesnt love the curious type? Confused about her surroundings, she’s oblivious to what’s truly going on with the Prince and Pip! Her voice is amazing too~ And her motives for singing are top-notch! She’s just a lovable character!!


(Animal Crossing by Prince-Orange, via Deviant Art)

6. Animal Crossing

This game is just asdfghjkl. It has no real end, so you can play forever and ever!! Your customizable character is just brilliant idea~ It’s crazy to know just how addicting this game can get! And the number of players that despise Tom Nook TwT Yeaaaaahhh, welp, haters gonna hate I guess *le shrug*


( FURRIES At the Disco by haillexi, via DeviantArt)

7. Panic! At the Disco

Their music is amazing. I could listen to songs such as The Ballad of the Mona Lisa or C’mon (Yes. That, my friend, is a Homestuck link. I prefer to see this than some other lyric video. Deal.) all day <33  I don’t really care for the more popular peoples like Justin Bieber or One Direction because I feel they get more credit than they deserve, while Panic! At The Disco doesnt get enough respect for their works. I would DEFINITELY recommend any piece by them to anyone.

( shipping wall by thiefofstarz, via DeviantArt)

( Nepeta Leijon :33 by Maruta-chan6, via DeviantArt)

( Nepeta: Be adorable by xTakimax, via DeviantArt)

8. Roleplaying

I absolutely LOVE to roleplay!! I don’t really care what type of roleplay it is, I will roleplay. As long as it’s something along my line of interest. I’ve roleplayed in quite a few places and have grown even more fond of it since I’ve begun reading Homestuck and met the cutie up above. Nepeta Leijon. She has a knack for roleplaying as well and even does it just to cheer her friends up. I like to roleplay in places such as TrollPlay or even on FaceBook with my friends. In fact, I love roleplaying so much that I’ve brought the joy of it to my friends in school! We carry around notebooks in which we will roleplay and pass to each other as we walk down the hallways. I usually try to really get into character when I ropleplay and it evens urks me when someone makes a character OOC (Out Of Character). I do , however, accept OOC sometimes such as when I find a character to be more attractive as OOC than being original. It doesnt happen much though. The characters I really get in touch with would be just about any Homestuck character. My heart just pours right into perfecting my roleplay tactics. More than often you can find me snuggling into a chair, typing away to someone just to roleplay.

( equius and nepeta by HaggyLagman, via DeviantArt)       ( solkat by mizz-ninja, via DeviantArt)                        ( Rosemary by xidex14, via DeviantArt)

9.  Romance

I might not seem like the person to like this kind of stuff, but I am. I love watching movies that include romance, I like reading romantic books, I love seeing romantic doodles. It might seem awkward, but truly, I think it’s all adorable. I especially love calling the couple a “ship”. Much like Nepeta, who also calls a a couple a “ship”, I ship many people. Maybe not real people, but ships such as SolKat (Sollux x Karkat), Eqpeta (Equius x Nepeta), and RoseMary (Rose x Kanaya) are all along the lines of my favorites. Heck, I think I’ll even make a post about my favorite ships after this!! Although some people think Im crazy and stupid for supporting ships like SolKat, I dont care what they think. I accept that they have their own opinions and I have mine. Besides the fact of liking ships, I also enjoy romance in real life. In fact, when I think of something cutesy, I imagine how that would play out in real life with myself and another. I’ll even go through the embarassment to ask the person what they’d do sometimes. Overall, I enjoy just about anything with romance.



10. Fanfictions

Don’t get me wrong, these things can be really disturbing and sick-minded or even adorable and bubbly. Either way, I love them. Dont like that? Too bad, you arent me. Now, I’ve read about a million different fan fictions. All of them have had such amazing plots, it makes it hard to stop reading and sometimes, you cant help but demand more. I know that in all my time reading, Ive definitely requested more and even gave suggestions on how to continue some. I love helping a writer out by giving suggestions, or even just being their Beta. Personally, I have no Beta. I need one, yes, but sadly, dont have one. On the topic of that, I didnt mention that Ive been working on my own fan fictions! Now that you know, I can put it out there that I have a really horrible fan fiction up on my DeviantArt, which you can find here. It was my first one ever and I do plan on revising it into something much more. After that one, my career as a fiction writer has gone up. I began to write more from that fan fiction and then went on to new characters. I had started out with Dave from  Homestuck and progressed to Eridan, eventually making my way to a Tavros one. None of these are any good when I look at them. The Dave one was my first, so it was a hunk of garbage. With the Eridan one being (partially smut) my second story and very first smut type of writing, it didnt go very well either. Next I decided to try some fluff with Tavros which I discontinued, but plan to finish. Since then Ive started two Karkat fictions and tried my hand at it again. Realizing these were somewhat better, I continued.

Favorite Characters

I think I should express my love for the characters I love deeply~ So here, Im just going to list them.

Kankuro, Only my favorite from the Sand Siblings though. (Naruto)

Killer B, favorite overall. (Naruto)

Hidan, first favorite Akatsuki member. (Naruto)


Kyoya, he’s just… I dunno. I just love ‘im. (Ouran Highschool Host Club)

Nymph, okay, so as much as I hate this anime, Nymph is just too cute to hate. (Heaven’s Lost Property)

Lucario, he can be considered a character! He’s a being in the movies!!

Twilight Sparkle, although I hate the fact that shes a princess AND AN ALICORN… I guess she’s cool >:U Eeeyup~ I watch a little girls show~ B3 Deal with it <33 (My Little Pony)

Pinkie Pie, I love her, I love her, I love her!! That crazy personality is to die for! (My Little Pony)

Derpy Hooves, that Derpy style is adorkable X33 (My Little Pony)

Doktor Frogg, I love how vulnerable he is for Doomageddon heheh (League Of Super Evil)

Doomageddon, he’s a mutant dog… What isnt to love? (League Of Super Evil)

Ian Hecox, YES, I like Ian better than Anthony. I just… Think he needs more love .3. (Smosh)

Dan Howell, he’s just so cute X33 (Danisnotonfire)

Scott, He’s a ginger. AND he’s evil. WHAT ISNT TO LIIIKKEEE?? (Total Drama Revenge of the Island)

Noah, his Know-It-All attitude is hilarious~ (Total Drama Island and Total Drama World Tour)

Alfonso, I love alligators and video games… SO what’s better than a gaming alligator?! (Animal Crossing)

Rosie, she’s just so adorbs >w< (Animal Crossing)

Jackson Jekyll, Oh look, another little girl’s show that yours truely likes. WELL YOU KNOW WHAT? SOME OF THE CHARACTERS. ON THESE SHOWS. ARE TOTES CUTIES. Enough said. (Monster High)

Heath Burns, Oh yes. ANOTHER. Deal. Like I said, some can be real cuties. (Monster High)

From here on out. Ive got links to go with these. Like, links to the actual things. So I guess I’ll start with Off.

Off is an amazing game that has been translated to English and is easily accessible for people. I really suggest watching a walkthrough or something if you dont like to play games yourself. But I STRONGLY  suggest playing yourself.

The Batter, he’s amazing… Not just as a human, but his true form is just… yay .w.

The Judge, I freaking love this cat!! ITS SO FREAKING ADORBS!! I mean, like… Go look up fan art for this kitty. Adorbs, no?

Now for the one that Ive gotten a few of my friends into. Homestuck. If you just clicked that link, there is a 90% chance that you, yes you, will become a part of this fandom. Although Act One is kinda bluh! It all gets better. Keep reading. Now, if you will… ((This will be a rather long one TwT))

John Egbert, he’s the main character, gotta love ‘im! But I actually love himj because he’s got interesting plot lines and relationships with other characters. *cough*AndIlovehisweponZillyhoo*cough*

Dave Strider, I think his coolkid personality is unique and causes conflict with some other characters, causing his story to be interesting~

Jake English, his sense of adventure is adorable and his accent… *SWOON*

Roxy Lalonde, eheheh her personality is mind-boggling! I have a challenge understanding it which makes it so much more fun to read about her.

Karkat Vantas, I just asdfghjkl There is no word or words that can describe how much I love him <33 Like, I love his personality, I love his looks, I love his friends, I love his typing quirk.. I love anything and EVERYTHING about him >w<

Sollux Captor, his lisp is adorable and he’s just cute and yeah.. Not much to say besides the fact that hes cute :T

Equius Zahhak, I have never EVER seen a character like him! He’s just so… weird.. In a cool way though~

Eridan Ampora, if you didnt notice, he is where I got my Username from~ He’s hilarious and interesting character alone, but with others, he’s so horrible! X3

-Andrew Hussie, yes, I like Andrew. I support the fact that he tries to kill of every character and that he likes to sink all the ships -w-


Welp, Ima give a few links as to where you can find me on other sites~




Edublogs (Yup, I have another)

Not really sure what else you peeps would need access to. Most certainly NOT my Facebook! Erm.. I guess I’ll link sites I like to use often~

TrollPlay Gog do I love this site! It’s like an omegle for Homestucks~

TopatoCo  Eeeyup~ I love to browse at the things I’ll most likely never get

–  WhatPumpkin? <33 I love this site~ I plan to buy just about everything on the site >:33

My Favs~ Yup, I like to look at my favorite arteork all the time <33

I think Im just going to leave these here for all those amazing Homestuck fans~








Up In The Veil Part Two

((So here! Im continuing my story from Challenge Two~))

Maybe Karkat was thinking about the OTHER human.. “Ith it Kat?” you tilted your head at the other troll. “ABSOLUTELY NOT!!” Karkat raised his voice as his hands flew up to his face to hide it. “Thomebody hath a fluthcruth~” You found joy in raining misery onto your best friend. He was much like a moirail to you, even if he did have Gamzee. Karkat began shaking his head furosiously as his arms flailed about, “NO, NO, NO, NO NO!! Dont you DARE go about saying that!!! If I hear as much as ONE troll repeat those words to me, so help me I’ll-” “Okay, I get it, Kk.” The candy red blooded troll dropped his arms and looked you in the eyes. “Good.” You rolled your eyes at his tomfoolery. Of course you were going to tell Kat all about this! She’s your moirail! You couldnt keep THIS from her. Especially because she had the same feelings for Karkat. “Look, Kk, I’ve got thome thingth to do. Tho I’ll thee you later.” “Yeah, whatever. Bye.” With that, you waved and walked through the crowd in hopes of finding your moirail. She could be such a pain at times, but she was always there for you, so you couldnt complain. Besides, youd know her since you played the game! Actually, you knew her before that, but no one really needed to know that. Especially since it was awkward enough. What with Kat being a human female and you being a troll male. You sighed and stopped in the middle of the crowd, “Where could the be?” “Sollux!!!!” Within seconds you were glomped and pulled to the ground. “Jeguth!” you shouted and recognized the blonde girl who tackled you. “I’ve been looking for you, blondie!”



Ooh! OOh! There he was! Your moirail and best friend, Sollux! “Sollux!!!!” you shouted. He swiveled around as you jumped towards him like a cat going for a mouse. As you glomped him the word, “Jeguth!” was spat from his mouth. With a small thud, you both hit the ground and you lifted your head which had a grin plastered to it. “Ive been looking for you, blondie!” he pushed his 3d glasses up as he spoke. “You haaaaaave? Why?” Your eyes widened with the same scary grin on your face. “Thtop making that fathe and I’ll tell you!” You shook your head and gave him the usual expression. “Kk ith obviouthly fluthed for you!” The usual instantly turned into a “What the heck? You’re kidding, right?” look. “No joke! Kat, thith ith your chanthe to admit it to him before he tellth Tz!” “I-I dunno… W-What if Im rejected? What if he yells at me for being so stupid in front of everyone?!” “I’ll kick hith butt if he embaraththeth you. And if he yellth at you, he wont be able to tell the trollth apart any more,” he snickered at his remark. “It’s nice to see that you’d kill my crush if he simply yells at me, but you wont even slap Eridan when he’s hitting on me..” you rolled your eyes at this. You really didnt mind Eridan since you knew he was just misunderstood. In fact, you loved being around Eridan. You liked just about everything there was to him. He had a great sense of fashion, an adorable voice, and he had a vast love for the history of wars. His narcissism was a little ridiculous at times, but the fact the he creeped on Feferi covered it up usually. It was easy for you to pull him away from her though. And- heyyyyy! Where does Sollux think he’s going?! He had gotten up and made his way back to Karkat. WHAT WAS HE DOING?! “NO. STOP. SOLLUX. STOP IT, RIGHT NOW.” you shouted from the floor and across the room. Karkat looked to you then back at Sollux and his mouth opened to say something. You didnt catch what it was, but you wanted to know. You got up and raced towards Sollux. “Captor, I swear if you-” “Thut it, Kat! I think you have more important thingth to dithcuthth right now. Tho get to it.” He crossed his arms and waited for you to speak the words that Karkat needed to hear. “Well?” Karkat tapped his foot a few times before an angry expression spread acroos his face. “Well, I uh..” “You what?” “I wanted to let you know that…. Im flushed for you..” You had mumbled the last part so that he couldnt hear. “What?!” You mumbled it once more. “Kat! Look at me and say that louder!!” You took a deep breathe, “I SAID…. Im flushed for y-” You stopped mid-sentence. “For who?” his eyebrows furrowed as a worried expression swiftly swapped with the angry one. “Im… flushed… for uh..” you looked around the room frantically. You needed to find someone you could stand. Someone that seemed believable to Karka- Oh! Goody! “Im flushed for Eridan\! Yeah, Eridan. Love him to death, heheh~” “I uh… Didnt think you felt that way about him…” Shoot. Did you just make Karkat depressed? Was Sollux being honest when he said Karkat had the same feelings for you as you had for him? “Well, I do. I guess.” Sollux shook his head, “No you dont.” “Yes I do! I do now.” ‘Oh really?” “Eeeyup!” Grr. Sollux was angering you. Trying to make you look stupid in front of your crush! R-U-D-E, RUDE!! “Then tell Eridan how you feel right thith inthtant.” “I… Dont think I should do that.” “Why not?” “Because it’d be rude.” “How would it be rude?!” “I… Um… It’d be rude to… Karkat…” Your cheeks tinted a faint pink. It was time you tell the truth. No more lying. Karkat looked so confused, “Why would it be rude to me?” “Because I dont actually like Eridan… I just didnt want to admit my feelings for you because Im afraid you dont feel the same way.” You closed your eyes after that. You didnt want to see what happened next. “That’s why you said you liked Eridan? THAT was the reason you didnt want to tell me?! Maybe you shouldve tried to consider how Id feel about all this!” “I-I d-didnt…s-sorry…” Your eyes began watering. When you opened them, Sollux looked as if he was ready to grab Karkat by the collar and punch his face so hard he’d make an indent. Your neck tingled as someone’s breath brushed it. Padded arms were wrapped tightly around you and a head was placed on a shoulder. “No, Im sorry for yelling. Gog, Im such an idiot!” The one embracing you… Was none other than Karkat Vantas.


((Eeeyeah. :T Not much to say about this one I guess… Characters belongs to Andrew Hussie and the plot belongs to me!))

Challenge Six

Challenge Six is about if my personality changes over the internet! Im going to be answering this in a Q&A format~

Q: Do you actually change over the internet?

A: I do. Im not sure whether to be proud of it or not, but none-the-less, I am differnet while on the web.

Q: How do you change?

A: Im usually a partially shy person, but that’s depending on who I’m around. If Im around my friends such as Tori, Dana, and Maria, Im generally silly and fun! Ive always had a hard time around friends such as Ginger (Alex), Caelan, and especially Dane. Its hard for me because Im most shy around them since they chat away while I sit listening to them, having nothing to relate to. Im okay with this because it allows me to learn more about them. Times that I can blabber on and on with them would be when Dane brings up the topic of Homestuck! I love Homestuck and could explain it non-stop!! Someone else that Im not usually shy around is my best friend Devyn! I can talk about pretty much anything with her!! We can talk for hours upon hours~

Q: Do you think youre a little more serious over the internet? Or much less?

A: I can really be either. I know I can be really serious when people get on my nerves. Another situation when Im a lot more serious is when I talk about getting a relationship or when something sad has happened. Most of the time Im on the internet Im a lot more silly and fun!! I like to have random outbursts and talk about the first thing that comes to mind! Just yesterday I had a few of these moments~ Me and Ginger and Tori were talking about our Homestuck Roleplay and I came out and said “ASDFGHJKL DOCTOR WHO IS ON NETFLIX!!” Sure, I was excited and freaking on the inside, but this outburst was totes different topic ;33 ((I was excited because a lot of Homestucks are also Whovians and I wanted to check it out for once))